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Something In The Way - A Kurt Cobain Story

A/N - I wrote this when I was in the eighth grade in 2004 (so that puts me as a senior in high school now), so please bare with me. I don't think that it is very good, but that is for you to decide. ENJOY!!!

I arrive in Seattle, Washington via time machine on April 4th, 1994. This day supposedly was the day before Kurt Cobain was to kill himself. I must find him and stop him from escaping drug rehab and going to a pawn shop to buy a gun at all cost. I must also find his house, throw away all of the drug needles that I can find, and lock all attics and upper rooms. The reason is that all of that leads up to his untimely death.

I go to the pawn shop and tell the owner not to sell Kurt any type of weapon and go to his house. Once I was there, I met an exhausted Courtney Love and told her what I have to do. She agreed immediately, and helped me find all the drug needles/paraphernalia, and to lock all the attic and upper room doors.

Courtney and I wait and wait for Kurt to come home on the outside of the door that leads to the room he killed himself in. When he finally got home, we could tell that he was upset. He had a bag with him and I can probably guess what was in it. the bag said the pawn shop's name. Kurt comes toward us and asks me who the hell I am. Courtney explains that she knows that he was going to kill himself, and that I came from the future to stop him.

Kurt and I became good friends over the next few hours. The next day, the whole family including Kurt, Courtney, their baby daughter Frances Bean, and I went to the movies. We spent the rest of the day wondering around Seattle and having fun. We got our faces painted, and then returned back to Kurt and Courtney's house. Courtney went to put Frances to bed, and I announce that I have to get to my home yet again.

I got in the time machine and set it for April 5th, 2004; the 10th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death. I got home and flipped on FUSE and videos are playing. Then suddenly one video catches my eye. It is an old Nirvana video. After it finished, there is a caption under the screen. It says: In remembrance of Kurt Cobain. Loving father, husband, and band-mate. After I read that, I got on the internet and find out how he died. He was hit head on by an eighteen-wheeler while driving to go and visit his grandparents in the nearby city of Aberdeen. I guess that you can never escape your fate.

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I like it!
haha reminds me of Final Destination with the way that you can't escape your fate!
haha but in a good way that is!!
hello btw *waves*

*waves back* thanks so much!!! I didn't even think it was that good. But yeah, I randomly added you b/c I wanted to read Sykecest really bad on my phone and it wouldn't let me read it unless I added you. But yeah, I like your Sykecest story a lot!!!

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